Strictly Personal...

           a fitness training studio


Small Group Fitness Times*
Monday: 9:30am,10:30am, Noon, 4pm,5,,7,8
Tuesday: 4pm,5,6,7,8
Wednesday:  Noon, 4pm,5,,7,
Thursday:  Noon,1pm, 4pm,5,,7,8
Friday: 9:30a,10:30am, Noon,1pm, 4pm,5,6,7,
Saturday: 11am,Noon,1pm, 2pm

*some times subject to availability

Flexible schedule, if your interested in a different time, Let us know! We may be able to put together different groups

Exercises can include:
-Fitness Mats for core work
-'Slam' Balls
-Steps or boxes for leg work
-battling ropes,
-stability balls,
-medicine balls
-exercise machines
-exercise bands
-bosu balls
-Agility ladder

INTERVAL, HIIT, CARDIO, STRENGTH, CORE...The best and safest full body moves .

on a "per calendar month" basis 

DROP IN RATE : $25 per session $20 special going NOW!

Commitment Pricing for 
3X per Week: *May be used as "Unlimited" sessions per month if you want more workouts

1 month  : $200  
2 months: $180/month 
3 months: $165/month

Call or Text Darryl 248-778-8956 to ask questions or get started!

ONE on ONE Personal Training

Studies show that people looking to improve their fitness and improve their health achieve significantly greater results when using a trainer. An effective personal trainer can guide you, motivate you, and educate you. Trainers provide accountability and discipline. A good trainer will also make sure that you don't damage your body when exercising. It is important to note that there is a right way, and a wrong way, to exercise. Don't risk harming your body!

One on one Training Suggestions:

POST Rehab

Athletic sport conditioning and sport specific

Stroke patients,


Parkinsons, post-breast cancer, injury related head trauma, and anyone in between.

Personal Training can include any of the following 'extra" help you need 

-Meal Plan Guides
-Personalized Exercises catered for you needs
-Fitness or Body Fat testing to assess progress

Pricing for one on one training starts at $59 per hour. Half hour sessions available.  Extra discounts listed below

2x per week 49/hr
3x per week 39/hr

Owner Darryl trying a quad ball plank
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