After spending 18 years in the automotive and aerospace industries as a Project Manager, and with strong encouragement from his wife Barb, Ron Leach left it all behind to follow a calling in health and fitness. First earning a Certified Personal Trainer certification from the National Strength and Conditioning Association and later adding a certification from The Titleist Performance Institute for golf fitness.
After a few years as a personal trainer at one of the “big box” gyms Ron went in pursuit of a better way to impact the fitness industry. He created it with Strictly Personal! 
As well as being a highly regarded trainer Ron is also in high demand as a public speaker. His seminars about health, fitness and quality of life have been impacting people’s lives for years. Ron’s passion on stage is only surpassed by his passion in the training room!

Strictly Personal...

           a fitness training studio


My theory in training and fitness is simple: Stay active, eat well/sensibly,,, be healthy. This will never be 100% of the time.  It's developing small changes in lifestyle to make "diet" a habit.  It's a varied range of reducing stress or enhancing stress relief activities to help you live a healthier happier life.  I look at how people move, function and perform, and if they can't perform an exercise correctly, it needs to be modified or it shouldn't be in their routine.  Luckily there is alot of exercises and/or adjustments that I can incorporate into a fitness regime that will help correct issues, all while giving you a great workout to get you to your fitness goals.  Crazy training is for the "birds", I'm all about sensible fitness and helping people get in shape.  I try to give my clients education, and also have fun with them as well.

Darryl Vojinov- Studio Owner, BS degree Exercise Science, Previous NASM, ACE, AFAA
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